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The Lowdown: Pacman, Fred Smoot, Metta, ESPN and more…

  • Jason Whitney

I know you’re not going to believe this, but apparently Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested yet again. (Los That Sports Blog)



Former NFL cornerback Fred Smoot talked about the sex boat via Reddit and came up with a new phrase called, “Runnin through the okra patch.” You couldn’t make this stuff up! (Deadspin)

Think you have some writing chops? Well it’s looking like ESPN will be hiring at least 15 new writers to cover every NFL team. (TheBigLead)

I could be wrong, but it seems like we see Tommy Lasorda videos of him sleeping at ball games at least once a month. (Larry Brown Sports)

Metta World Peace is a favorite here at Sports-Kings, thus we are loyal followers of his twitter account. So when he tweets we read dammit! Recently Peace came up with his Top 5 Greatest NBA players of all-time.  Here is a hint, Michael Jordan is not number one and Magic Johnson didn’t even make the list. (Sports-Kings)

Manu Ginboli nails this Tim Duncan impression perfectly. (Next Impulse Sports)

Best pals,  Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens had their sons drafted by their former teams recently, just before Roger Clemens heavily publicized trip to Marbella, Spain.

Jimmy Kimmel had NBA stars read off mean tweets and the segment did not disappoint!

Btw. just one more week before our staff vacation at Marbella. Sun in Spain.

The Lowdown lady of the day is Arianny Celesste.





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