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The Lowdown: Rex Ryan, Tebow, RG III, Playboy Model, Rondo and more…

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By now everyone has heard of Tim Tebow joining the Patriots, but what about Rex Ryan’s take on it?  (Down And Distance)

The gossip outlets are heating up after Margaret Wood spent the night at AJ McCarron’s house. Wood is the hot blonde from Playboy that notified the media of her “night” with AJ. (TheBigLead)

An 8th grader was so impressive during 7 on 7 football drills that USC extended an offer to him. (Next Impluse Sports)

RG III is already doing explosive sprints (The Kevin Burke Project)

All signs are starting to indicate that Jason Kidd is a serious candidate for the Brooklyn Nets coaching gig. The former Nets point guard may be coaching the team he led to the Finals twice as soon as next year. (Los That Sports Blog)

Sports Illustrated did a profile article on Rajon Rondo and his love for the game called Connect Four. Well we now have video evidence of Rondo taking out two fellas at once. Sal, who was sitting to Rondo’s right, clearly was annoying him as he took his time and changed his mind plenty of times throughout the game.

Earlier we showed you a story of the playboy model that spent the night over at AJ McCarron’s crib. I think she qualifies to be the Lowdown women of the day.


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