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The NFL will appoint a team to star on “Hard Knocks” if no team volunteers.

  • Jim Racalto

The Bengals starred on “Hard Knocks” last summer. (Credit: HBO)

This past fall, the NFL passed a rule that allows them to appoint a team to star in the HBO series “Hard Knocks” if no team volunteers. The show follows a team through training camp. Given the fact that many teams do not want that type of distraction over the summer when they’re getting ready for the season, and the NFL had to pass such a rule to ensure the show would be aired regardless if a team stepped forward or not.

I am not sure how the increasingly socialist NFL powers that be can actually make a team appear on a show, but nonetheless the rule is in place, and there are eight teams considered as contenders for the show, one of which will be forced on if none volunteer. The unfortunate teams are the Bills, Steelers, Cardinals, Raiders, Jaguars, Giants, Rams, and Bears.

The Steelers have been approached twice previously to appear on the show, and declined both times. I would have to consider them the popular choice for the NFL, but I am not sure how well that would go over with Mike Tomlin as he tries to get his squad back the playoffs in 2014. After that, I would assume the Giants, Raiders, Cardinals, and Bills would be more interesting to see than the Jags, Rams, or Jay Cutler.

Whatever team ends up on “Hard Knocks”, the backlash from being forced onto the show will be interesting to see. Roger Goodell is already a borderline dictator, so I can’t imagine this move will go over well with anyone.



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