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The ten hottest female sports personalities

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There are two things I truly love in this world: sports and hot girls. Naturally, combining them was pretty much heaven on earth for me. Networks often employ attractive women to boost ratings, but many of the women on this list are not only ridiculously hot, but knowledgeable about their craft. Oh, and they’re also ridiculously hot, if I didn’t establish that yet.

I somehow managed to narrow this list down to ten. It was tough work, but somebody had to do it. Here are the ten hottest female sports personalities:

10. Heidi Watney

Watney, formerly of NESN, is now a reporter for the MLB Network. She has a classic beauty to her, and as you can see in the picture, Big Papi has probably noticed as well. Watney was in the news recently for not knowing which player she was interviewing at the World Baseball Classic. Aside from the fact that she was misled by her producers, she’s also hot, so we forgive her either way.

9. Samantha Ponder

Samantha Steele probably would have been a few spots higher on this list, but Samantha Ponder landed at number nine. It’s simple really; anytime you marry a guy that’s bound to be unemployed in three years, I have to question your intelligence. And I don’t like airheads.

Seriously though, Ponder is a hard worker, and is seemingly plastered all over ESPN nowadays. She’s married to an NFL quarterback, and it hasn’t affected the quality of her work, so stop with the fake outrage, people. In fact, her marriage will force her to work more since she will be the breadwinner of the household when Adrian Peterson decides he’d like a quarterback who can, y’know, throw the ball. That may actually end up being the best contribution Christian Ponder makes to the sports world.

8. Erin Andrews

A former ESPN talent who took her talents to FOX Sports recently, Andrews will probably become a major factor in FOX’s attempt to overtake the World Wide Leader. I don’t know if it still exists on the internet because Andrews has sued all parties involved in it, but at one point you could have seen her naked through a peephole. If you didn’t…well…you should regret it. Don’t feel too bad though, 50 Cent will never see her naked either.

7. Lauren Shehadi

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much on Shehadi, except that she works on the MLB Network and was nominated by Playboy for the sexiest sportscaster award in 2009. That, along with the fact she used to be an intern at The Best Damn Sports Show Period (according to Wikipedia, which never lies, according to Wikipedia), was enough for me.




6. Charissa Thompson

SportsNation is one of my favorite shows on ESPN (one of the few I can stand anymore). Though I liked it much better when it was Beadle *cough, spoiler alert, cough* and Cowherd, Thompson shows her funny, and knowledgeable side as well in the show. A woman talking sports in-depth is a very fine line.

Let me explain before I get 3,000 women sending me hate mail. If you ACTUALLY know what you’re talking about like Thompson does, then it’s sexy. On the other hand, if you ask me how much a field goal is worth while I’m watching a baseball game…

5. Rachel Nichols

While its possible she’s not the hottest famous person named Rachel Nichols, she’s also a really hot famous person named Rachel Nichols. This Nichols, like Erin Andrews, has also recently fled from ESPN to work at Turner Sports/CNN. Whatever will get her on the TV more is fine with me.

Plus she’s a redhead, so you never know what might happen when she gets angry.

4. Niki Noto

Noto, an ESPNU host, hits one of my biggest weaknesses in girls; the southern accent. If you don’t love a girl with a southern accent, I highly suggest closing out of this article, because you have lost my respect and I don’t need your views. But, who are we kidding, there are three more hot women below and we both know you’re staying to see them.

Her bubbly personality and her good looks will probably have her hosting First Take by 2015. Also, she’s a really good sport when athletes try to give her a heart attack, so that’s always a good thing.

3. Cari Champion

If you could combine the best qualities of Malika from Keeping up With the Kardashians and Brandy, they would make Cari Champion. I should really just bump her to number one for having to put up with Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith five days a week, but I’m trying to keep my objectivity on this completely subjective list.

She’s the only reason that it hurts me not to be able to stomach that show anymore…

2.Kristina Akra

I’ve never been so jealous of Harold Reynolds and Brian Kenny in my life, who are Akra’s co-hosts on MLB Network’s “MLB Now.” Akra has been around the block, working on multiple outlets, including FOX, The SEC Network and MASN. She was also a reporter for Washington Nationals games, where she may or may not have been targeted for a Gatorade bath. The only thing that would have made it better was if she was wearing a white shirt…

1.Michelle Beadle

I’m not expecting this to be a popular choice, as I am sure many of you will say that Beadle is not “hotter” than a lot of the women on this list. And hey, you may be right.

But two things: I’m not going to say I am in love with Michelle Beadle, however, I am going to say I’m waiting for her to tell me she will NOT marry me before I start telling other women I am emotionally available.

Also, it’s my list, so uh, your opinion doesn’t really matter.

I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’m going to need a few minutes to myself now.

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder

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      • Just looked up Hubbarth. She wouldn’t have made my list. And Erin Andrews just isn’t my type. She’s hot, just not what I look for.. It’s just supposed to be a fun list. It’s not like there is analysis or an exact science to it. Take it with a grain of salt.

    • Every time I look at Sara Walsh, I can never decide if I like her or not. Sometimes she’s hot, and sometimes she’s not. That’s why I left her off.

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