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Top 10 Gronk Moments

  • Solanus de la Serna

With the NFL season coming to a close, players everywhere are already preparing for next year and figuring out how to best utilize their off-season. For some players, the “off”-season is anything but. Robert James Gronkowski is one of them, and is currently receiving quite a bit of publicity thanks to an ill-advised body-slam. On the field, the dance floor, and even in the bedroom, Gronk makes headlines. Period. Whether you regard him as the irresponsible, immature tool or the lighthearted, lovable, football star, there is no denying his ability to capture the public eye. It’s truly hard to choose, but without further ado, here are The Gronk’s 10 best moments in order of increasing, uh…Gronk-ness.

10. The twitpic (¡Part uno!)

(Credit: Twitter)
It’s well-documented that Gronk loves the ladies, and he surely doesn’t try to hide it. Keeping busy during the NFL lockout, Gronk took to his twitter game and attempted to seduce superstar model Kate Upton. He tweeted this picture of himself and sparked a nice little conversation. I’d be willing to bet that he sent her a few DMs as well…

9. Gronk lays out

C’mon, you didn’t think I was going to exclude his on-the-field plays, did you? The guy is a straight-up beast. In this clip, Gronk receives a slightly overthrown ball from Tom Brady, tips it to himself, grabs hold of it while diving, and manages to secure it well enough to convince the refs that he had possession. Sure, it’s a somewhat questionable catch, but a tremendous effort and great play nonetheless.

8. Rob’s reaction

Gronkowski makes a guest appearance on “The Choice” and ends up stealing the show. Watch the video, pause at 0:08 for extra laughs. Enough said. A hidden Gronk gem in my opinion.

7. The royal guard

Here, Gronkowski makes a touchdown catch and then pays homage to the British Royal Guard with a new twist on his trademark spike celebration. He’s got a lot of off-field maturing to do, but how can you not love this guy’s enthusiasm for the game and life in general?

6. “Do it to get chicks!”

Gronk in his natural habitat
Yeah, that whole “loving ladies” thing? Apparently, it runs in the family (along with an uncanny ability for football). In an interview with Sports Illustrated, when asked why he trains, he responded that he and his brothers “do it to get chicks.” Their workout regimen is clearly working, and it seems like it’s helping out a little bit with football, too.

5. Post-Super Bowl shenanigans

(Credit: Deadspin)
Here we have Gronkowski (and Matt Light) dancing shirtless on-stage…at an LMFAO performance…after losing the Super Bowl. Understandably, many were upset that he seemed to have taken the loss so lightly, but who are we to judge, right? We didn’t put in the countless hours of training and practice or the physical beating it takes to reach the Super Bowl, so we should probably just reserve our judgement and let the athletes “mourn” in whatever manner they wish.

4. The twitpic (¡Part dos!)
(Credit: mobypicture)
Perhaps Gronkowski’s most infamous off-the-field gaffe, The Gronk poses for a picture with adult film actress Bibi Jones after doing who-knows-what. This received much attention from mainstream and sports media, putting the Gronk deep in hot water. He would officially apologize for the photo, but another, much racier one would be released nearly a year afterwards. Oh, Gronk…

3. Gronk no see ball!

GRONK SMAAA—oh… Leave it up to Gronk to goof up his own, relatively simple touchdown celebration. Sort of a microcosm of Gronk’s career, don’t you think? Makes the nice catch and then has a small miscue off of the field. Oh well. At this point, his on-field production still clearly outweighs any perceived maturity issues.

2. The Catch

There’s that football prowess we’ve all come to know and fear. After snagging the pigskin, Gronk has the presence of mind to get back up for extra yardage. He then turns on the truckstick, carries two defenders on his back for a few yards, sheds them while staying in bounds, and then breaks a tackle, nearly maintaining his balance long enough to cross the plane. Beast Mode? Nah, those guys just got Gronk’d.

1. Español

Perhaps the most Gronk moment of all time in my opinion, he proudly exclaims “¡Yo soy fiesta!” in an interview with ESPN Deportes. Literally translated to “I am party,” The Gronk makes a hilarious attempt to display his Spanish-speaking skills. I love how he pauses after “Yo,” as if to think of a coherent sentence, then proceeds to spit out relative gibberish anyway. While it may not have made grammatical sense, no one is disagreeing. You are party Gronk. Party on.

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