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The Top 5 Best Facial Hair in Sports (Current):

  • Andy Flint

Senior Writer: ANDY FLINT

Facial hair is a right of passage for every young man. Most young boys jump at the opportunity to sprout their first whiskers. Even when it looks patchy, as the first growth often does. Lavish facial hair in the sports world gets extra attention. Here are the top 5 best facial hair in sports, current edition.

Honorable Mentions: Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB: Buffalo Bills), Logan Mankins (G: New England Patriots), Prince Fielder (1st Baseman: Milwaukee Brewers), Baron Davis (PG: Cleveland Cavaliers), DeShawn Stevenson (SG: Dallas Mavericks), Jason Werth (Right Fielder: Washington Nationals) Dozens of NHL players for the playoffs each season.

#5: Drew Gooden: Power Forward for the Milwaukee Bucks

Drew Gooden’s facial hair is ever-changing like the seasons. I’m not 100% sure what look he’s rocking at this very moment. But what I am sure of is that Gooden brings it when it comes to rocking funky face grass. Whether it be this odd spiky goatee with the Elvis chops, or a fully Amish look. We sir, applaud your bold look.

#4: Kevin Youkilis: 3rd Baseman for the Boston Redsox

Kevin Youkilis does more than provide firepower for the Boston Redsox.. He provides laughter for MLB fans with his wild and sometimes questionable facial hair. Whether it’s a normal stash, a full Fu-Manchu, or the largest and most robust goatee you’ll ever see, Kevin Youkilis surely has a place in the facial hair hall of fame.

#3: James Harden: Shooting Guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder

James Harden has taken over facial hair in the NBA. I used to think Baron Davis had the best beard around, until Harden stepped out from the shadows to bring some serious heat in the world of NBA beards. Baron Davis tends to keep his more trimmed and rounded at the tip, while Harden has gone directly for the pointy, long beard. Add in Harden’s sweet faux-hawk and you have one slick dude.

#2: Brian Wilson: Relief Pitcher for the San Francisco Giants

Brian Wilson’s beard has become an absolute phenomenon  in the sporting world. Everyone loves it! This guy has some major skills when it comes to facial growth. Not only does his beard grow to exceptional full and to great lengths, but it seems to be the blackest of blacks. Wilson’s beard is so shapely and dark that it almost looks fake. Either way, this guy boasts one of the best beards on the planet!

#1: Brett Keisel: Defensive End for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Sorry to all of the Brian Wilson supporters out there, but Brett Keisel’s beard is by far and beyond the best facial hair in sports. This guy is like a combination of Santa Clause, Middle-Earth and every garden gnome imaginable. The true G.O.A.T. of all beards. His facial hair is so thick, manly and absolutely disgusting that it had to rank #1. Well Brian (Keisel), you rule!

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