Tiger Woods reportedly turned down minority share of Charlotte Bobcats

Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan have been golfing and casino buddies for quite some time now. One of the best golfers in history and the best basketball player ever seem to make for quite the combination, no? Given both of their personalities, I would love to be a fly on the wall on one of their casino trips. I also wouldn’t mind being the casino owner.

Everyone knows the struggle Tiger has gone through one and off the course lately with his marital issues, as well as his struggles to regain top form.

And we all know that Michael Jordan owns the Charlotte Bobcats, even if he doesn’t do the greatest job at it. The team is coming off of a historically awful season, further troubling MJ’s image as an executive.

Reportedly, Michael Jordan offered his friend Tiger Woods a minority share of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Someone asked if he’d like to one day invest in a professional sports franchise, the way Phil Mickelson has with the San Diego Padres. 

“Absolutely. I just need a lot more money,” Woods said. “My teams are the Lakers, the Dodgers and the Raiders, so I’ve got to play really well.” 

His buddy, Michael Jordan, might make a piece of the Charlotte Bobcats available. If rumors are true, he already has and Woods declined.

Do you really blame Tiger for turning this offer down? I mean, the Bobcats don’t quite look like the best investment as of right now. Not to mention, the guy is still a professional golfer; good luck trying to juggle that with being an NBA executive. Plus, how much does Tiger really know about the NBA?

I can only imagine how an organization would run with Tiger and Jordan running the show. It doesn’t seem like a great combination to me, but it would be interesting for sure.

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