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Tim Tebow To Join Mark Sanchez At Sanchez’s Passing Camp

  • Jim Racalto

Mark Sanchez graciously extended an invitation to Tim Tebow for Tebow to join him at his “Jets West” passing camp in Southern California, to which Tebow humbly accepted. Sanchez has organized the camp for the previous two years, and it includes other skill position players from the Jets roster, including RB Shonn Greene and TE Dustin Keller.

In a move to establish himself solely as the Jets starter and leader, and to also show there is no animosity between the two guys, Sanchez thought it the right call to invite Tebow to the camp. Third string QB Greg McElroy weighed in on that subject:

“It’s just so important to spend time together as much as possible. It’s a good opportunity for us to get out of our element and do something social as a group with the benefit of working and great weather. It’s really a good time for us. It’s a lot of football and a lot of fun.”

Strangely, all workouts for the camp will be private this year, while previously at least one day of camp has been open to the media. I find it hard to believe that this has nothing to do with Tebow, because Tebow has been a media firestorm ever since he became the starter for the Broncos last season. That firestorm followed him and became even larger upon his trade to the Jets.

One thing is for sure thus far, and that is Mark Sanchez is adapting well to the pressure and hype of having Tebow behind him. Looks like the competition is pushing him to perform and win the job, and inviting Tebow to attend his own camp shows me that he holds no grudge and just wants to get along for the overall good of the team.

Source: New York Daily News


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