Tim Tebow’s FRS Healthy Energy Commercial

  • Jason Whitney

Tim Tebow’s newest FRS commercial really struck a chord with me. Nothing like another cliché commercial pumped out right?

The first line is of the commercial is as followed, “They said I couldn’t be a high school quarterback.” I’m not sure what critics were saying that, but you know you have to follow through with the clichés. Then it jumps to, “They said I could never get a D1 scholarship.” Hilarious seeing that he was a top-level recruit.

“They said I wasn’t good enough, I can’t make it, I’d never win a Heisman trophy.” Yeah, because 99% of college players don’t win the Heisman, Timmy. Also the same can be said for quarterbacks who win the National Championship. Many sub par quarterbacks win National Championships by the way.

And yes, Timmy, many experts said you shouldn’t be a first round pick, and they would have been right if it wasn’t for Denver jumping up in the late first round to grab you.

Tebow ends the commercial throwing tight spirals through a tire saying, “They said I couldn’t play in the league.” Again, I’ve never heard that assertion. If he wanted to get it right he would have said, “They said I can’t throw the ball.” We didn’t hear that though. Speaking of throwing the ball, how many times do you think they had to re-shoot him trying to get a perfect spiral going through the hoop? Ten, fifteen, twenty times?

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