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Tony Dungy: Peyton Manning’s neck injury occurred against the Gregg Williams led Washington Redskins defense in 2006

  • Andy Flint

In a report surfacing straight from the horses mouth, former Colts coach, Tony Dungy, claims that the beginning of Peyton Manning’s neck issues occurred on a hit that took place against the Washington Redskins in 2006, when Gregg Williams was the defensive coordinator for the Redskins.

With news breaking that Gregg Williams had been rewarding “bounties” to defensive players for causing injuries to offensive players, is it safe to say that Manning’s neck injuries were caused due to these same bounties?

Two things are clear. Peyton Manning’s career is in serious jeopardy and Gregg Williams is currently being accused of such bounties against offensive players. So the simple math tells me that these two things could have easily crossed paths.. But I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Another quick thing to note is that Phillip Daniels (one of the players involved on the Manning hit) was one of the only players to come to Gregg Williams defense in light of these allegations. Manning had also said that Daniels wouldn’t let go of his head and Daniels was later fined $5,000 for the hit.

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2 Responses to Tony Dungy: Peyton Manning’s neck injury occurred against the Gregg Williams led Washington Redskins defense in 2006

  • This is all just rich.So this is what it looks like when hypocracy is swarming from every direction.Let’s examine.

    We have a rapidly increasing number of former players sueing the league for its alleged negligence in failing to protect players from and mistreating injuries.On the other hand,we have the endless and constant whining of the vast majority of coaches and former coaches,players and former players,sports media and a substantial number of fans,crying about the new rules designed to protect players from serious head injuries.

    And now we have a league wide culture of players pooling their own money in order to incentivise and reward the infliction of the same kinds of injuries that the league is being sued over.Meanwhile during the season,sports media,its former player ANALysts and its jock sniffers rattled on and on whining and crying over the new rules and the destruction of the game they love so much,all the while proclaiming with a straight face that they never want to see a fellow player injured.God damned hypocrites.

    And so it turnes out,as we always knew but wouldn’t acknowledge,that todays pseudomacho,neanderthal former and current players,who whine and cry about rules to protect players,are potentially the next generation of plaintiffs in the next generation of lawsuits.God damned hypocrites.

  • And another thing.Where are the offenses in all of this? Defenses are full of preenig,posing,obnoxious,phony tough guys.There is nothing tough about blind side hitting a vulnerable opponent and dancing over him.

    Where is the impulse of OCs and offensive players to protect their own.I’d like to see the occasional offensive play specifically designed to spear James Harrison,and others like him, right square center in the face mask just as he changes direction in pursuit.Yeah.That sounds good.Lets run offensive plays intent on literally knocking out a vulnerable defensive player and putting them out of the game.

    Step up offenses,OCs.Grow a pair.

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