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Top 10 Busts In the NBA For The Last Decade

  • Jason Whitney

Darko Milicic was one of the biggest busts the last decade

Many times in the NBA have we seen players getting picked at high positions at draft night, but fail to meet the high expectations when they enter the league. Let’s break down which are the Top 10 busts in the NBA Draft of the past decade.

No.10 Hasheem Thabeet

Thabeet was selected as the No.2 pick back in the 2009 Draft by the Memphis Grizzlies and he was expected to be a dominant big man, especially on defense. However, he played and continues to play way below expectations. He soon got traded by the Grizzlies and whilst he continues to improve he still makes it to this list.

No.9 Shaun Livingston

Livingston was the fourth overall pick back in 2004 by the Los Angeles Clippers. He never was more than a backup or role player for any team he has been a member of. He also experienced a series of injuries and it’s notable that he hasn’t played for a full season up to this point of his career.

No.8 Marvin Williams

Another second overall pick, this time in the Draft of 2005, who failed to play as every Atlanta Hawks fan wanted. Back then he was considered as a player with great potential. However, seven years into the league, he still hasn’t lived up to the promise

No.7 Adam Morrison

The No.3 pick of 2006, Adam Morrison recorded a very promising rookie season with the Charlotte Bobcats. Nonetheless, he suffered the athlete’s nightmare injury, a torn ACL and never got back to his normal. After lots of struggles and several attempts to return the NBA and be dominant, Morrison retired from the league.

No.6 Joe Alexander

The Milwaukee Bucks selected Joe Alexander with their eighth pick in 2008. He was expected to be a surging forward but his career in the NBA was short. He currently plays in the D-League, which by itself speaks to the success of the draft pick by the Bucks.

No.5 Michael Beasley

The fact that Beasley has now started to slowly resurrect his career and carve his personality doesn’t erase the fact that he was an unsuccessful pick. He was selected second in overall by the Miami Heat in 2008.

No.4 Yi Jilian

Another unsuccessful pick by the Bucks, which came one year before was Yi. He was selected sixth in overall and he never was something more than a role player for any team he played for.

No.3 Johnny Flynn

The Minnesota Timberwolves picked Flynn with their sixth overall pick in 2009. After a stellar rookie season, things started to fall apart for him. He currently plays in Australia.

No.2 Greg Oden

Oden is big man who entered the league with so much potential, but has been battling severe injuries for the last five years. Oden was the No.1 pick back in 2007 by the Portland Trail Blazers and he was expected to be one of the most dominant centers in the league. Right now, he is trying hard to get an opportunity to appear in an NBA game with the Heat.

No.1 Darko Milicic

Yet another big man with lots of potential which still remains, well, potential. He was selected at the No.2 spot by the Detroit Pistons. He lastly played for the Boston Celtics in 2012 and currently he is off action.

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    • Rod,

      That seems to be a common theme with Greg Oden. But staying healthy is part of the game wouldn’t you agree? And you really can’t say he wouldn’t have been a bust because he got injured. In 82 games he was averaging something like 9ppg and 7 boards. It wasn’t like he was putting up 20ppg and 12 boards when he was healthy. Being the first overall pick those expectations are on you to perform. Like I said, it’s not like he NEVER played a game. Kids come out now adays and are producing at 19-20 years old and he didn’t light the world on fire when he was “healthy”…I guess it will be one of those things we’ll never know. I hope he becomes a solid player with the Heat.

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