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Top 10 Hottest College Cheerleading Squads

  • Jim Racalto

As the college football season creeps closer, the brain trust at College Cheerleader Heaven thought it was the perfect time to break down the top 10 hottest college cheerleading squads in the country. Let the others talk about who has the best linebackers and the fastest running backs. This is the only Top 10 list you’re actually going to need this football season!


They may be overshadowed by the bigger Texas schools like UT and A&M, but the Red Raiders have the hottest cheerleaders in the entire state. I think it might be the bows! Or the smokin’ hot bodies! Or the little red shorts!


The smallest school on our list, the Aggies of Utah State surprise me every time I see them. Because, let’s be honest, you didn’t expect much when you saw their name on the list either. I get it. But these small schools know how to put talent on the sidelines just like the big guys.


While they may not be as famous as the Song Girls across town, the Bruins cheerleaders still have that LA look without the stupid, out-dated sweaters. And slimy coach.


No, I’m not going to post a picture of Jenn Sterger here. She pales in comparison to the real FSU cheerleaders and dancers like Kelly and Gabrielle (or this hottie).


Back from their brief hiatus for unladylike behavior, the ASU cheerleaders are back roaming the sidelines in Tempe. That means plenty of sun-drenched hotties (like Megan-Lynn and Nadine)  in short skirts putting on a show for the fans.


USCe isn’t a cheerleading squad you hear a lot about, but that’s a mistake. These Gamecocks are freakin’ hot. Plus they don’t mind all the “cocks” jokes they must hear about 1,000 per game.


Sure they probably got screwed out of the National Championship game last year, but at the least the Cowboys can go to bed at night knowing the y have smokin’ hot cheerleaders that like to ski in bikini tops (a lot) and do impromptu bikini photoshoots. That’s a decent consolation prize.

3. LSU

You’re preseason #1 football slips in the preseason cheerleader poll, but not by much. They may wear some crazy outfits, but they definitely make it work. It doesn’t hurt that they are all damn hot!


Not only are these girls hot, but they are freakin’ talented. They routinely win cheerleading national championships. But I only really care about the hotness of girls like Cheree and Courtney. They may have barely squeaked out a victory in our Battle of Kentucky, but these girls are world class in my book.


This one was pretty much a no-brainer. You don’t have to be a cheerleader connoisseur like me, most guys know how hot the Oregon cheerleaders are. Their meteoric rise to tops of the charts has been well documented with hotties like Katelynn Johnson ruling the internet for the last couple of years. Even the unknown girls are tremendous. So congrats Duck fans, your girls are back at the top of the list for this season. But there are plenty of hotties waiting to knock you off the throne.

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