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Top 10 Sports April Fools Jokes

  • Jason Whitney

The NFL had to explain to Oakland that despite the commercial where Leon runs a 4.2 40 yard dash, he is a fictional character therefore cannot be drafted.

In light of the first day of April in which everyone in the office is laughing it up to many practical jokes that is always followed by “April Fools” I decided to have a little fun with this via the sports world. It is very easy to make fun of many sports franchises that seem to be ran by the village idiot so I had no problem coming up with ten of these suckers. In fact, I probably could have done a “Top 150” but to be honest, I’m too tired. Lets kick off the jokes shall we?


10.) Raiders try to trade their first-round, third overall pick, to the Buffalo Bills for quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Bills try to pull this off knowing that he’s since been released and signed with the Tennessee Titans, but the NFL nixes the trade as it comes through the league offices.

9.)  In a move to try to get younger and add depth to the injury depleted front-court, the Knicks workout Patrick Ewing.

Pat-Trick-Ewing as the PA announcer use to scream, explains to Dolan and the boys that he is better suited to be giving analysis of the team, even if it is a bit rocky.

8.) The Yankees C.C. Sabathia pledges to drop down to 3 boxes of Cap’ n Crunch a day in order to lose some weight.


7.) Oakland Raiders can’t find Leon Sandcastle on the draft board.

We all know the late Al Davis would be trying to contact him!

6.) Baseball is exciting.

Said nobody ever

5.) David Stern flips out on President Barack Obama when asked if there are conspiracies in the NBA.

Stern is seen being carried out by Secret Service police is heard shouting, “Do you still beat Michelle!?”

4.) Doug Gottlieb and Colin Cowherd co-host a new sports radio show called, “Two in a Half Idiots.”

The half you ask? They haven’t thought that far ahead yet

3.) The Georgetown Hoyas basketball team makes it past the first round of the NCAA tournament.

Year 2037

2.) Coach Popovich in an effort to get back at the NBA rests his starters in the first-round of the playoffs against the Lakers.

And they still get the sweep

1.) Tony Romo announces he is elite and deserving of his rich new contract .

April Fools!

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