Top 10 Worst Sports Movies (All-Time)

Sports movies are not only a fixture in our lives, but also a staple for our inspiration. However, nothing can ruin a good story faster than a crappy sports movie. These horrid movies are interesting in that we find all the flaws in characters and storylines to be of the highest hyperbole. One thing is for sure, I get quite the laugh analyzing these movies. Wait, a dog can score a basket on the court against human players? I guess I must not have the imagination these executive producers have in Hollywood.

Honorable Mention

Rocky V

Bad News Bears Go To Japan

Mr. 3000

Caddyshack II


10.) Summer Catch

Freddie Prinze Jr. stars as a lights out pitcher poised to get drafted. In the meantime he is mowing lawns as he really symbolizes the movies main theme of him being a blue-collar type person. Enter Jessica Biel – the rich chick vacationing. Yup, we’ve seen this recycled plot 100 times, but there is a real spin this time around. Freddie is pitching a perfect game in the biggest game of his life. This doesn’t matter however, as he leaves the game to go chase the only real woman he must have ever cared about.

You know, because anytime you’re about to embark on the rare feat of pitching a perfect game you give that all up to get the only thing that matters in life… the rich chick whose dad hates you.


9.) Eddie

First off, let me preface by saying, “Eddie does not score” as one of the headlining comments suggest. Also, WOR-TV, New York should never be allowed to comment on a movie again. “Is Hilarious!” They’re kidding I hope. I want to meet the guy or gal that said this. This movie is a colossal failure. Whoopi has had a few good flicks in her day, but this is not one of them.

Pretty simple plot here. One of New York City’s 7,383 cab drivers actually attends every home Knicks game from the nose bleeds!  However, here is where the plot really thickens; Whoopi wins a contest to be honorary coach of the Knicks in the second half!

Whoopi shapes these professionals into tip-top form as the New York Knicks position themselves for a playoff berth. Consequently, Whoopi is told by team owner if they win and clinch a berth the owner intends to sell the team to group that will move them to St.Louis.

Understandable, right? Hey, let’s move one of the all-time storied franchises in one of the biggest cities on earth to a smaller city in the midwest! Better yet, if you win and make the playoffs and earn the team more money, I will be forced to sell the team!


8.) Gus

Field goal kicking mule. Figure it out.



7.) The Benchwarmers

An instant Adam Sandler film classic! That’s what the headline should say! Ugh, more like another terrible Happy Madison production.

Three nerds playing baseball against kids is just want I need in my life. Not to mention Spade and Heder both failed to learn how to swing a bat during their lifetimes.

Smash cut to the championship game with team Benchwarmers losing 42-0 in the 6th inning, shouldn’t the game have been called there? I’m all for miracle comebacks, but I’ve yet to be apart of a 42-0 comeback which would be the equivalent of being down 92-0 in an NFL game. Anyway, the Benchwarmers end up scoring a run and the team rushes the field in unison to celebrate. I can’t remember celebrating a thrashing either, no matter what lesson I’ve just learned. We’ll leave it at that.


6.) Over The Top

Not exactly the Rocky trilogy, but what better way to waste 90 minutes?

A struggling trucker whose life appears to fall off the tracks after the death of his wife, he decides after that to make amends with his estranged son. His son doesn’t think too highly of him and why would he, right? Well guess what that’s all about to change when Stallone enters a competitive arm wrestling tournament in Las Vegas!

I love the tagline, “Some fight for money…Some for glory…He’s fighting for his son’s love.” Yeah like that will win his son back, winning a competitive arm wrestling competition. Again, a must see flick!


5.) Ed

I don’t think we’ll be seeing many more Matt Leblanc sports movies any time soon. This movie was sitting at a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes after 11 reviews.

Leblanc befriends the team mascot “Ed.” He also is a real life chimpanzee. Also happens to be the teams 3rd baseman. Wait, there’s more, at one point “Ed’ has to pitch. Oh boy!

I’m thinking if anyone does another sports movie with any form of the word Ed, Eddie, Edster, whatever, just quit right there.

The film received three Razzie Awards for worst Picture, Screenplay, and Screen Couple. I know, I was surprised as well.


4.)Like Mike

The only good thing about this movie was the soundtrack. It has some nice cameo’s as well, but let’s not mix this up with Space Jam.

I love watching a 5’3″ young Lil Bow Wow dunk on 7′ center David Robinson. But there is a catch! He has to be wearing his special sneakers he got from the local Salvation Army in order to reveal these special talents.

Bow Wow also goes on to win the dunk contest. Hey, Nate Robinson won it, and he’s only a few inches taller than Bow Wow. Why not?

Flash forward to the end when Bow Wow’s shoes are destroyed with his team down one point at the end of the game. During the time-out he tells the team he will retire after this game. Nothing like being 13 and being able to retire, but wait, the Knights still need to score to clinch a playoff berth. Bow Wow enters the court after the timeout without any of his special talents, yet still finds a way to drop a dime for the game winning hoop.

The movie also has a whole slew of moves Bow Wow makes while faking out these seasoned professionals. A little too corny for me. What’s worse is he dunks from the three-point line, how am I suppose to take this movie seriously after that? At least the movie pumped out a good soundtrack though, right?


3.) The Fan

A struggling knife salesman is the role of De Niro. I didn’t even know there were knife salesmen. This movie should have had more baseball action in it, but it’s more about an obsession of a whacked out fan.

What better storylines than to have a creepy, stalking and kidnapping fan go ape on a player? Seems pretty normal to me, right? This movie plays more on the weird creepy side, and I like to have a firm image of De Niro playing great in mafia roles or the S.O.B yet funny dad in Meet The Parents.

At some point this film gets out of control with how De Niro gets information on where players live, even finds another player relaxing at a local spa. If that’s not enough, he even get access to the bullpen. With restraining orders on him he still manages to show up to the games. I find this all hard to believe, but hey there are crazy lunatic fans out there.


2.) Juwanna Mann

When basketball stars get banned from the NBA what do they usually do? You guessed it, jump straight to the WUBA! Otherwise known as the Women’s pro league. Oh no, just when I thought we were officially out of movie ideas this comes along to derail my thinking!

Let me preface this by saying I’ve seen some pretty crazy crap, but never an NBA player getting so mad at a referee’s call that he takes off all his clothes and flashes everyone. To top this all off he apparently is broke and loses everything, which generally does happen to NBA players, so I’ll give them the nod there.

Everything else is predictable as he goes on dates with men, gets aroused by fellow female teammates and leads the team on a winning streak.

One good thing out of this movie is Fat Joe’s song “What’s Luv” that was popular during the early 2000′s.


1.) Air Bud

 He Sits. He Stays. He Shoots. He Scores? Are you kidding me! What a tagline!

The reason this movie is the worst is because they made a whole slew of other movies. I love golden retrievers, but not in my basketball movies. Or football, baseball, and volleyball flicks for that matter.

A young, talented, stray dog with amazing basketball abilities. Wow, I actually still get speechless reading some of the taglines for this horrendous movie.

It’s always entertaining to see every user review titled as “Not that bad” or “Wasn’t as painful as you may think.” Better yet, “I’ve seen worse.” Yeah, it’s never a good idea to go into a movie with those kind of reviews.

Please enough with the Air Bud movies!



  • Will Turnbull

    I wonder if you considered “The Scout” with Albert Brooks, which culminates with the laughable scenario of Brendan Fraser striking out 27 straight batters in a World Series game?

    • Jason Whitney

      High hilarity! That could have easily have made it as well. So many bad sports movies!

  • Jim

    All of those are terrible. Or at least I would assume they are. They looked too bad to even attempt to watch them. That is, with the exception of the Sly Stallone movie “Over the Top”. That was a great flic!

  • George Alfano

    How can “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh” not be mentioned?

  • John Crawford

    Any list of horrendous sports movies simply MUST include at least one of the pedantic, predictable, pathetic “Mighty Ducks” movies.

    And how about a (dis)honorable mention for “Major League: Back to the Minors?”

  • brian

    I’m not going to waste my time looking up the release dates for these movies, but it’s pretty obvious that all of them are from the last thirty years, and that most are from the last ten. Have you ever SEEN some of the dogs from the 1930s? Once again, it seems either that an amazing coincidence is at work here or(much more likely) that your selection panel consists entirely of people who are little more than children, i.e., that, for them, the last 30 years IS “all time.”

    • Jason Whitney

      You’re right, most of them probably are from the last 20 years. I guess I should brush up on my sports movies from the 1930s LOL. Gus is from the 70s or 80s right and that’s on there. I don’t think sports movies were as popular pre 1980s as they are the last 20-30 years man. But shoot me your list and I’ll publish it for ya, interested to know what your top 10 is

  • Hammy Lechner

    The Fan wasn’t that bad. I actually iked it and DeNiro is good in anything. he’s just that good. The radio call in schtick was pretty believable, too.


    with all of the absolutely terrible , if not irrelevant and completely unfounded top 10 lists to be found these days , i have to commend you for this one as most of you movies are in the ball park for sure – OVER THE TOP does not belong , nor does SUMMER CATCH , but all in all very well done – and then to admit your time frame had flaws and you’d care to learn about other’s input as well as go back past the 80′s , highly commendable – JUST NICE TO SEE SOME CREDIBILITY WITH ONE OF THESE , AND LOOK FORWARD TO MORE FROM YOU

    • Jason Whitney

      Thanks Michael, appreciated it man!


    i’m one who thinks movies with chimpanzees , kangaroos or even 15 second graders and an out of work fat ex sitcom star as a coach belong in a sports movie discussion so i don’t include them – i think you have to consider these in at least most bottom 20′s – SCORE .. A HOCKEY MUSICAL , ANGELS IN THE ENDZONE , WIMBLEDON , THE SCOUT , THE CUTTING EDGE , ANY SEQUEL TO MAJOR LEAGUE AND SLAP SHOT , SLUGGER’S WIFE , MR. 3000 , and SURFER DUDE – in no particular order ( of course )- and i’m tough , as i almost believed tony danza as a kicker for the eagles !!!

    • Jason Whitney

      The Scout def should have been on there. Mr. 3000 was on the honorable mention. It is crazy to see how many terrible sports movies there are. A lot of people do like the move, Over the Top, and The Fan, so those two probably should have been taken out. The Scout def needs to be in there. Hey a learning lesson for everyone, but I appreciate all the feedback. Keep checking us out Michael, bookmark us! We would love to have you be a fan of us! All of our social buttons are on the site, and check out our MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL blogs on the menu bar! Thanks again man for the read!

  • Anonymous

    air bud is the shit. terrible article

    • Jason Whitney


  • Mike

    You forgot an oldie, “The Babe Ruth Story,” hands down the worse ever. The old timer William Bendix playing the Bambino. The pits. It would be like Jonah Hill playing Ruth today.

    • Jason Whitney

      Yes! Jonah Hill playing Ruth hahaha. I feel like we could get another list going with all of these ones I left out. Great comment though Mike

  • Joe T.

    What about Days of Thunder? I’m a huge race fan, and that was an insult to my intelligence. How about the remake of Brian’s Song? The original was great, should have left it alone. Or Unnecessary Roughness? Kathy Ireland aside, it was a turd. I think it’s time for another list…

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