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Top 5 Greatest American Sports Venues

  • Andy Flint

By Joe F


We all like going out to the ballpark, arena, stadium, etc. Which ones are the greatest that are still being used today. Sorry no Polo Grounds or Yankee Stadium for our older time baseball fans. These stadiums either have great history, great atmosphere, or a futuristic feel to it.

5. Cowboys Stadium (Jerry’s World) –

The Cowboys gem costed Jerry Jones 1.3 billion dollars. It’s a magnificent structure and looks wise is probably the nicest stadium in American sports today. It can hold up to 111,000 people including standing room. Of course it’s home to the Dallas Cowboys, but in it’s short time being open (Since 2009), Cowboys Stadium has hosted many great sporting events. Including the 2010 NBA All-Star game, Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey, Cotton Bowl Classic, Big 12 Championship Game, and numerous other big time college football games. It also has hosted one of the better Super Bowls in the history of the game between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers last year. The history will come for this futuristic stadium. Oh and how can I possibly forget that giant scoreboard hanging above the field of play?

4. Wrigley Field

Home of the lovable Chicago Cubs since 1916. The entire ballpark was built in just six weeks. For sometime Wrigley Field did not play night games. Until 1988 the Cubs would only play games during the day. Another key feature of the field is the ivy covering the outfield walls. Balls hit to the wall would sometimes get lost in the ivy. The Bears were also tenants of Wrigley Field until 1970. This old park still has some years left in it, but hopefully for the Cubs sake they win one in Wrigley before it’s too late.


3. Fenway Park

According to Boston, Fenway is “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark”. That may be true because it’s the highest ranked baseball stadium on this list. It’s been opened since 1912 and I’m sure there will be a big celebration for it’s 100th season next year. The Red Sox have the longest sellout streak in baseball. What makes Fenway great is it’s dimensions. It’s constructed like a kid’s wiffle ball stadium in the back yard. A giant green wall that’s just under 300 feet away. A triangle in deep centerfield. Pesky’s Pole that’s only 302 feet to right if you can wrap a home run around it. And an unusual single red seat that is in the right field bleachers. This stadium is built strong enough to last another 30 years.

2. Lambeau Field

Lambeau gets the nickname “The Frozen Tundra” from the ice bowl played between the Packers and Cowboys in 1967. It was -15 degrees F with terrible winds. The next generation of fans witnessed something similar when the Giants went to Green Bay to play the NFC Championship back in 2007. Season tickets have one of the longest waiting lists in sports. I’m pretty sure it’s around 40 years to get season tickets for the Packers. A cool tradition this stadium holds is the Lambeau Leap. Many players will jump into the crowd after scoring a touchdown. It was invented by LeRoy Butler.


1. Madison Square Garden

MSG is known as “The World’s Most Famous Arena”. It’s home to the Knicks, Rangers, Liberty, and St. John’s Red Storm. It’s been opened since 1968 and has hosted many different events. Not only sporting events, but concerts and other things. It has hosted two NHL All-Star games and one NBA All-Star Game. It also hosted five NBA Finals, two of them were series clincing victories. One in 1970 for the Knicks and the other in 1999 for the Spurs. MSG also hosted three NHL Finals. Two of them were won on the MSG ice, one for the Bruins in 1972 and the other for the Rangers in 1994. A year that ended a long Stanley Cup drought for the Rangers. There was also great boxing matches. Including Ali vs. Frazier where Ali got his revenge. (R.I.P. Frazier) Amazing entertainers like KISS, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and many others performed there. The WWE have hosted events there in the past. Also many movies have the Garden in them. Including Rocky 3.

MSG is only going to get better with the new renovations being installed. I hear there is going to be a bridge across the top of center court. This would be amazing to a Carmelo Anthony jump shot for a bird’s eye view. The Garden is the Mecca of sports arena’s.


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11 Responses to Top 5 Greatest American Sports Venues

  • Bahahhaaa.

    What a joke… MSG. yeah right. That dump only gets ranked cuz it’s in NYC… Knicks haven’t been relevant since 1970 & the Rangers in almost 20 years…

  • Fenway Park is an ugly erector set. Like Wrigley, it just happens to be in a well-to-do section of Boston with lots of bars. I’m not from Michigan, but The Big House should probably be on this list.

    Speaking of old arenas, check out Matthews Arena in Boston:

  • I don’t understand the infatuation with old arenas and stadiums. I have been to so many arenas and stadiums that I lost count. Personally, I think both Fenway and Wrigley are dumps. Give me modern amenities and comforts any day especially when you are paying top dollar. If you want to keep an old look that is fine but modernize the stadium. Also, I agree with the previous post that MSG is really nothing special either. Just because it has hosted major events in the past does not make it a top arena….not even close. I do agree about Cowboys stadium though, absolutely the #1 stadium in the country. From a baseball stadium I always like visiting AT&T park. I don’t think I could rank any arena in the top 5 or really top 10 for that matter with so many outdoor stadiums it’s tough to choose an arena.

  • Dummy you’re obviously a NY hater, it’s the sports venue not the team! you’ve not said any thing about The Cubs and Wrigley Field when was the last time they won! 80 something years!

  • Some good choices. Not sure MSG is #1.
    But, why not include Augusta National. It’s like heaven on earth.
    I look forward to going every year, never disappointed.

  • I have to admist there are a few here that are worth mentioning but if you really look at sports and all sports then the greatest venue in the entire world has to be the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. If you haven’t seen it, you can not even imagine what its like to be there are race day. The most incredible sports venue hands down!

  • My apologies for typo’s in last note. Trying to work and comment with you at same time. Kind of like texting while driving!

  • Fenway! I know it is one of the last of the originals but it sucks! It doens’t even come close to Camden Yards.

  • Umm before you all go off on my choices can you read?

    “These stadiums either have great history, great atmosphere, or a futuristic feel to it.”

    History is a key to my choices of some of these places.

  • 1. The Beatles didn’t perform there.
    2. The Beatles didn’t have concerts after 1966 and he says this opened in 1968, so it would have had to be the old one.

  • I’m probably a little biased and this has nothing to do with our local teams, but tailgating by yacht, off Lake Washington with a view of Mt. Rainier makes Husky Stadium my #1.

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