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Top Ten NBA players that annoy the hell out of us

  • Jason Whitney

In an emotionally fueled sport such as basketball, players can often times get under our skin quite easily. Is there anything more absurd than seeing the seventh man off the bench getting fouled after making the bucket then smash cut to him snarling at the crowd? Or how about the player who looks at the referee after a foul is called on him as if to say, “Are you effing crazy.” If that isn’t presumptuous enough, how about mere thought of said player acting as if he’s never committed a foul before.

Alright my annoyed gene is in overdrive right now so let’s get to the list!


10.) LeBron James

I’m not a LeBron hater, even though this would seem to contradict myself. I do however see why he annoys everyone with his self entitled opinions. Refusing to shake hands after a hard-fought playoff series doesn’t help matters either.

Saying things like, “All the people that was rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today,” Which by the way, nothing like stating the obvious. “Oh wait LeBron, you mean I’m not going to wake up being rich the next day?” Great grammar as well.  It’s fair to say LeBron isn’t going to win many people over anytime soon.

9.) Tim Duncan

Ugh, this picture sums up Timmy Duncan. Every time a whistle is blown on him I swear you’d think he was just accused of first degree murder. I’m pretty sure in Duncan’s mind he’s never committed a foul.

Even his nickname annoys me, “The Big Fundamental.”  Is there anything more boring than seeing Duncan operate at a snail’s pace on the low block? Then watch him jab step three times before he banks it off the glass?

8.) Paul Pierce

Do I really need to say anything more than his epic NBA Finals injury that had all initially thinking, “Holy shit did something catastrophic happen to Pierce?”

Add to boot his flops he routinely gets away with, this further just sends me into an annoyance frenzy. Here is another shining moment for Paula Pierce:

7.) Kris Humphries

Besides looking like a tool, Hump did the one thing you can’t do when trying to go Hollywood; piss of the Kardashians. I actually loved how he told them how it is. Unfortunately Kris, Kim has a few more friends than you kiddo.  Looks like you’ll have to take your pecs, and 6-pack to another reality show.

6.) Glen “Big Baby” Davis

Big Baby should be number one. Seriously I have to turn away from the television set every time I see him do his snarl, spitting, posing, fill in the blank. His best/funniest moment in my book probably helped higher his douchebag credentials, when he nailed the game winning jimmy in Orlando, against the Celtics few years back in a playoff game.  He missed the part when you get excited, you shouldn’t push kids out of your way as you run down the sideline like you just saw the buffet line open up.

5.) Kevin Garnett

I’m really not trying to pick on all the Celtics here, honestly. KG for some reason has a difficult time liking European or white players. Constant run ins over the years with players have made KG into sort of a pariah. I’m not sure if KG is really half nuts, maybe full nuts. Why are you bickering with players we’ve barely heard of?

Calling players who have conditions cancerous, hitting Channing Frye in the nuts, even trying to fight Bill Walker, makes me question what the hell is wrong with him? He even cursed out Spike Lee. Um, he doesn’t even play! I seriously could turn this into an article by itself, but I won’t in fear of KG attacking my site via twitter…Seriously!

4.) Sasha Vujacic

He calls himself, “The Machine.” ’nuff said. Honestly what 9th man off the bench dubs  himself a nickname? Furthermore, Sasha made this quote that made the sports world want to strangle themselves upon  hearing, “I know I can score 20 or 30 points anytime I want.” What makes this hilarious is Sasha has never scored 30 points in an NBA game.

Please stay away Sasha, we’ve had our fill of you.

3.) Eddie House

Surprise another Celtic. To be fair Eddie House has played for a plethora of teams. I always got the vibe that Eddie thought he was a better player than he actually is. When he came to the Knicks he was making statements that made me think he was a critical piece to a contender.

Here is more evidence of House thinking he’s an integral part of a championship team with this quote, “Middle finger to all the haters.” Sure, Eddie. Anytime you have your 9th man off the bench making newsworthy quotes, you know your team is in a good state of mind.

I have to add this as well. I remember Eddie House playing for the C’s and getting his usual 13 minutes a game and drilling a couple of three-pointers and running down the sideline at the five-minute mark of the 3rd quarter like he just hit the game winning shot in an NBA Finals game. Eddie go home!

2.) Anderson Varejao

Varejao has a little Justin Guarini in him from American Idol right? No surprise that Anderson Varejao is on this list seeing that he annoys just about anyone not living in Cleveland. Varejao also a prominent flopper, does all the little things to get under your skin.

He’s the kid of guy you want on your team, just hate going up against him.

1.) Joakim Noah

I’m speechless right this second. Take a look at this cornball for two seconds and I think you will get the idea. Not only does this cave man shoot off his mouth off, he is a facsimile of Anderson Varejao (times ten.) I’ve never seen someone do so much screaming after wide open one-handed dunks off Derrick Rose’s penetration. Could we get like a windmill maybe Joakim? You’re going ape over a generic one-handed dunk.

I loved it when he would come out on LeBron and get real wide to play defense during those Bulls/Cavs playoff series just to have LeBron blow by him. Jesus think about that, Joakim and Varejao guarding each other. Now that’s quite the revelation.

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