Torrey Smith tweets about his brother and New England Patriot fans with their rude tweets

  • Jason Whitney

Torrey Smith tweeted that he’s never received more rude tweets after a win than last Sunday’s win over the Patriots.

The AFC Championship game may have been decided a couple of days ago, however that hasn’t stopped players from both sides from taking shots at each other. Terrell Suggs ripped the Patriots saying they are arrogant, while Wes Welker’s wife took a few shots at future Hall of Fame linebacker, Ray Lewis questioning his role model status. Could this be the best NFL rivalry moving forward?

Well if the parting shots between the two teams wasn’t enough, Torrey Smith has been the recipient of some rude tweets from New England fans. Smith, who tweeted that he has played many games since his brother’s death, has never received so many rude tweets after a win that last Sunday.

From the looks of it, Smith seems to be engaged in some of the trash tweeting he receives. Torrey is known to comment on the negative tweets he receives which often times turns into fans blowing up the rude person’s twitter account. However, Smith refrained from engaging with the trash talking tweeters this time.



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