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Trevor Pryce’s fear of bullfrogs led to him writing a book about it

  • Jim Racalto

Pryce spent time with the Broncos, Ravens, and Jets. (Credit: Yahoo)

Former NFL defensive lineman Trevor Pryce is a big dude. 6 foot 5 to be exact. Battle tested gridiron warriors that possess his size aren’t afraid of many things. However, there is an animal out there that Pryce doesn’t particularly care for: the bullfrog.

Via USA Today Sports:

“I didn’t like the look of them. I always thought as a kid that they were filled with pus,” Pryce, who frequently saw the creatures while growing up in central Florida,  told USA TODAY Sports. “If I was to ever run over one it would splat like a balloon and I just could not get that image out of my head. Plus, they gave you warts. I thought that was the most disgusting thing ever. Neither of those things are true, I don’t think, but it made for an interesting childhood because I’m scared of nothing else. I’m not scared of animals. I’m not scared of death. I’m not scared of violence. I do not like bullfrogs.”


This fear of bullfrogs led Trevor Pryce to actually write a young adult novel entitled An Army of Frogs. That’s right, Pryce is a published author. He’s no stranger to the entertainment industry, however, as he’s dabbled in both music and movies in his lifetime. Add accomplished author to Pryce’s list of accolades, as if being a four-time NFL Pro Bowl selection during a fourteen year career wasn’t enough already.

If anyone happens to read An Army of Frogs, let me know how it is. Might have to pick up a copy for myself.


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