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Troy Polamalu kicked out of USC Pro Day

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Troy Polamalu was kicked out of USC’s Pro Day because he didn’t have credentials

Steelers star safety Troy Polamalu is one of the more famous USC alums, and was a star at the university during their championship days. Thus, his presence at USC for their Pro Day should be something that is expected, and uneventful. That wasn’t the case when  but apparently underestimated how strict security was at the event. Polamalu, though a well-known, alum, did not have the proper credentials to be at the event. Apparently, he must have encountered one of those security guards that memorized the rule book and uses protocol over everything, because Polamalu was escorted off of the field.

However, Polamalu was reportedly very understanding about the situation. Here is a tweet from Sports Illustrated’s Jim Trotter:


There are two opposite reactions I have to this situation. On one hand, it takes a lot of nerve to be able to enforce protocol even when you know it may be a technicality. It’s not like Troy Polamalu is a security risk or anything, but as the saying goes, rules are rules. On the other hand, IT’S TROY POLAMALU DUDE. Couldn’t you call a supervisor who would approve Polamalu being there, or just let it slide. You really want to be the guy that kicked out Troy Polamalu?

Then again, maybe the security guy was Matt Barkley’s agent, and he was scared Polamalu was going to intercept one of his inaccurate duds he calls a pass….

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder

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