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Two Explosions At The Boston Marathon

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Thousands and thousands of patrons run the Boston Marathon each year, but no one ever suspected the worse.  A little bit after 3pm eastern time in Boston, two explosion  have gone off near the Mandarin Hotel, a mile away from the Boston Marathon finish line.  Unknown if the explosions are a connection to the Boston Marathon or maybe something less sinister like a pipeline explosion or gas explosion.  Nothing has been determined as of yet.

Boston Mass Casualty incident is in effect to shut area down, unknown of the amount of injuries reported, unknown if there are other explosive devices in the area.  It’s very difficult to secure 26.2 miles of spectators that can come and go, its impossible to totally secure an incident like this.

Today is a holiday in Boston, Patriots day, could this be part of the reason of the two explosions?  Video feed below.


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