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Tyron Smith feels betrayed by his family

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Dallas Cowboys tackle Tyron Smith has had a whirlwind of family issues since being drafted in the first round in 2011. Everyone is aware that suddenly coming across large sums of money can drastically change how people view you and treat you. The people you should always be able to count on are your family members. Sadly, for Tyron Smith, this is not the case.

Via Pro Football Talk:

Back in November, word surfaced that Cowboys tackle Tyron Smith called the police to his house after two of his siblings showed up there to “harass and torment” him as part of an extended effort to get money from Smith.

That was followed by Smith’s lawyer revealing that Smith was missing more than $1 million and blamed his family for taking it, something Smith’s mother denied as part of a nasty little episode that threw back the curtain on the tackle’s private life.

Smith then went on to say how he felt taken advantage of, and offered some advice to young players entering the NFL, most notably Rams first round pick this year, Tavon Austin. Austin recently had some cousins and friends come out of the wood work looking for a payday:

The takeaway from this is don’t let people take advantage of you. And it’s all right to say no to certain people,” Smith said.

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