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Ubaldo Jimenez Suspended Five Games For Beaning Tulowitzki

  • Andy Flint

According Paul Hoynes the MLB suspended Jimenez for five games for hitting Tulowitzki yesterday.

Of course the reaction is FIVE GAMES? In reality it’s only one game because pitchers only take the mound once every five days. So it’s a fair deal.


The Denver Post  reports the little back and forth between Jimenez and Tulowitzki.

Jimenez has expressed his anger toward the Rockies this spring, admitting that he felt underappreciated last season because he was not awarded a contract extension like Tulowitzki (seven years, $134.5 million) and Carlos Gonzalez (seven years, $80 milllion). He told CBS Sportsline a few weeks ago that being in Cleveland was like “heaven.”

Tulowitzki responded in The Denver Post 10 days ago, saying, “If someone doesn’t want to be here we always say, ‘Please, go up to the manager and tell him you want to leave or that you don’t think this is the best place for you.’ That was kind of the case with him.”

Read more:Ubaldo Jimenez drills Troy Tulowitzki, benches clear, Tulo leaves with elbow injury – The Denver Post
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Jimenez needs to get over his days in Colorado, and focus on his new home in Cleveland.

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