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UFC President Dana White has a message for fans that think UFC 162 was fixed

  • Justin Arbogast

For me, I watched it a day late as I was working, but for the millions watching it live and the people that paid to get in to watch the UFC 162 Super Fight between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman – I’m sure I felt the same way.

I was disappointed in the main event. I tried to stay off of Twitter because I had the event recording at home, but while covering a game I happened to glance over a tweet that said Silva was showboating.

(Photo: Jayne Kamin-Oncea, USA TODAY Sports)

(Photo: Jayne Kamin-Oncea, USA TODAY Sports)

Okay, no big deal, we’ve seen that before.

As I watched the full copy, it was horrible, a complete disgrace to the sport and the opponent, and quite frankly I’m glad his ass got knocked out.

Following the fight I thought to myself, ‘This has to be rigged. That’s not Silva to go out there and let one slide like that’. The fact that several people were pumping up the underdog way more than any other fight didn’t help either.

I guess I wasn’t the only one to think that way.

Social Media blew up with upset fans, and UFC President Dana White addressed that following the fight.

“Yeah, the fix is in, you (expletive) idiots.”

“Did you look around that arena tonight when he (expletive) lost? The whole (expletive) place was like going, ‘Holy (expletive)!’ People were clapping and cheering. I’ve got a buddy from Boston who’s down in Huntington Beach right now, and he said the streets were loaded with people out in the streets just yelling and screaming and going crazy. Imagine what it was like in Brazil, what it was like in Brazil when the dude lost. This is just one of those moments where people are just (expletive) going crazy. Anderson Silva lost tonight. That’s just one of those crazy moments.”

After that, I got to thinking a bit more – it’d be hard to ‘fix’ a UFC fight, anything can happen at any given time – but Spider’s post fight interview made me think he threw the fight mentally.

He was talking about doing this for a long time, being tired and wanting to be with his family. He thanked the fans for their support, and thanked the UFC and the USA for changing his life and making it better – it almost sounded like a retirement speech.

When asked point blank if he was retiring, he said no, but he wasn’t going to contend for the title anymore because he was too tired of doing so.

Take that interview, pair it with the nonsense he displayed in the ring and to me, it seems like he lost the fight on purpose.

But did the UFC call for a fix? I doubt it, you (expletive) idiots!


[H/T: USA Today]


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