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And the winner of the cover of Madden 2013 is… Calvin Johnson! 63

For the last few weeks, the Madden franchise of football video games has been holding a bracket-style tournament to determine who the cover athlete for the next installment of their game would be. The winner of the contest was announced today, and when the smoke cleared the winner was Calvin Johnson, the stud wide receiver from the Detroit Lions.

The finals of the bracket came down to Johnson and Panthers QB Cam Newton. In the contest, Cam Newton was granted a 1 seed and Johnson was given a 6. Fans voted for players that were new to the madness that is Madden like Victor Cruz and Patrick Willis as well as former cover athletes like Troy Polamalu and Aaron Rodgers.

The winner was announced on ESPN’s Sportsnation today,  and in the end Calvin “Megatron” Johnson overcame Cam Newton to join an elite group of athletes to grace the cover. Former cover athletes include legends like Brett Favre, Ray Lewis, and Eddie George.

Something interesting to look out for this year will be the fabled “madden curse”. Legend states that being on the cover of the game is extremely bad luck, and that the player on the cover almost always has bad luck afterwards.

Will Megatron be hit by the curse? Or will he overcome? I guess we’ll have to see!

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