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Big Ten considering kicking Penn State out of conference 61

Will the Sandusky Scandal signify the end of Penn State football in the Big Ten conference? (Credit: AP Photo/Scott A. Miller)


The Chronicle of Higher Education (which requires a subscription) is reporting today that the Big Ten leaders are mulling over an 18-page plan on the current situation involving Penn State. One of the ideas being thrown around is removing Penn State from the Big Ten conference.

Currently, the league’s Council of Presidents and Chancellors must approve any decision to suspend, expel, or place any member on probation. Currently, the Big Ten requires at least a 60 percent vote for expulsion. However, a Big Ten spokesperson told the Chronicle that number would increase to 70 percent of the members for the 2012-2013 season.

If a recommendation is made to expel a member, that institution would have to show cause why it should not be expelled.

While this is not the only option currently being considered, the fact that it is being discussed at all is a major decision for, not only the conference but Penn State as well. A punishment may be in the future for the school.

Earlier this week, NCAA President Mark Emmert said he would not rule out the death penalty for Penn State.

Finally, the plan would also allow Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany to enforce financial penalties, suspensions, or fire individual athletic officials, including coaches, should their actions merit it.

One has to also wonder, if Penn State actually did get kicked out of the Big Ten conference how that might impact conference re-alignments. Would a team like Notre Dame be willing to join the Big Ten? Would a Big East school joined the Big Ten? Perhaps Boise State?



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