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Marvin Lewis Says No Twitter for Bengals Players 95

Marvin Lewis says no Twitter

Cincinnati Bengals head football coach Marvin Lewis has had enough of Twitter and all of the distractions that come along with it. According to, Lewis has imposed a Twitter ban for all Bengals players. The ban comes on the heels of Bengals rookie cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick sending out a tweet in regards to his ailing knee earlier this week. After rumors began to swirl, Marvin Lewis declared something would be done to stop such social media distractions, and he has remained true to his word.  The result is no more Twitter use for Bengal players.

Lewis simply wants his players to focus on football. He recognizes that such social media outlets can be used properly by responsible and mature adults, but as now, he hasn’t seen the maturity that he believes it takes for his team to handle such media. Here’s a statement from Lewis regarding his team, social media, and the focus it takes to win:

I think people have to have the maturity and the wherewithal to be able to handle it. Thus far, what I have experienced since April is we don’t have the maturity to handle it. I don’t see how tweeting is going to help us win a football game. So it’s part of being selfless right now. It’s not best for our football team to be involved in that. It’s best we just take care of ourselves and not announce what we are doing or not doing and commenting on what’s going on in other spots. Let’s just be football players.

Over recent years, we have seen plenty of tweets by players that have caused all types of rumors and small controversies. While large media outlets must love the attention Twitter brings to many teams and players, most coaches probably despise it. Don’t be surprised if many other teams follow in Marvin Lewis’ latest path.


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