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The moment NHL fans have been dreading has finally arrived. Well, kind of. Today, the NHL announced that they would be canceling all regular season games through October 24.

With no Collective Bargaining Agreement between the owners and players in place, there can be no NHL action.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly had this to say, via

“We were extremely disappointed to have to make today’s announcement. The game deserves better, the fans deserve better and the people who derive income from their connection to the NHL deserve better.

“We remain committed to doing everything in our power to forge an agreement that is fair to the players, fair to the teams and good for our fans.

“This is not about ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ a negotiation. This is about finding a solution that preserves the long-term health and stability of the League and the game.

“We are committed to getting this done.”

Differences remain between the owners and players over revenue sharing, one of the biggest holdups in getting a CBA scratched out. Which is funny…since with no NHL season, there isn’t going to be any revenue to share.

By Arun Morace


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