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Penn State sanctions include ‘multi-year’ bowl ban, ‘crippling’ scholarship losses 51

How harsh will the penalties be for Penn State? (Credit: AP Photo/Scott A. Miller)

With NCAA president Mark Emmert set to announce “corrective and punitive measures” for the Nittany Lions football program Monday morning, Yahoo!‘s Charles Robinson has added a little detail to the looming penalties. According to Robinson, the penalties will be staggering.

A source told Robinson that the “sanctions will include a ‘multiple-year’ bowl ban and ‘crippling’ scholarship losses.”

The exact number of years Penn State would be banned from the post-season and how many scholarships would be stripped from the university were not detailed in Robinson’s report. recruiting guru Mike Farrell told Cory Giger of the Altoona Mirrorthat “[i]f it’s 10-plus [scholarships stripped] for four years or five years, that’s absolutely crippling.”  If it’s more than that?

“If it’s 20, you might as well give them the death penalty. That’s more than crippling. That’s a death blow,” Farrell said.

Based on the Freeh report and the incomprehensible cover-up of crimes against defenseless children, a death-blow may very well be warranted.


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