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With all the macho BS that takes place in the male-dominated world of sports, we often forget about the beautifully put-together girls that compete at high levels in various sports themselves. Some of them could have probably foregone their chosen paths in sports to become models, or at least nab themselves an actor, athlete or musician. Keep in mind this list doesn’t include model wives (sorry Tom) or cheerleaders (not because people say it’s not a sport) but because, well, they’re all hot. Enjoy!


 10.) Hope Solo

Ahh. Hope Solo is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and my current crush. Not only is she the goalie for the US Women’s World Cup Team, but she looks damn good stopping those balls. She also puts an end to the theory that most women soccer players are lesbians, thank God! So you’re tellin’ me there’s a chance…….

9.) Jennie Finch

Mrs. Finch (and I said “Mrs.” with a frown on my face) is the face of softball and perhaps the most dominating pitcher to ever grace the mound. I wouldn’t doubt her utter hotness may have distracted batters of the same sex. Imagine being her husband, pissing her off and taking a softball at 75 MPH to the head.

8.) Danica Patrick

Danica gives me a reason to pay attention to NASCAR. Here’s a girl who knows she’s in a position to take advantage of not only her talent, but her hotness. Ever seen some of her photo shoots? And wow, she drives a stick like no other. Anyone know if she’s married? And if she is I hope it’s not to one of those goofy NASCAR dudes. That’d be tragic.

 7.) Lokelani McMichael

The youngest ever female finisher of the Iron Man Triathlon. It’s quite clear she’s in shape with a body like that, but a Triathlon? That’s insane. You shouldn’t be allowed to be this hot and this athletic. Ok, enough explaining just stare at the pic for 5-10 minutes.

 6.) Maria Sharapova

Sharapova took the women’s tennis scene by storm, at one point climbing all the way to a number one ranking. That was fine until everyone noticed how gorgeous this Russian bombshell is. Maria gave every guy (and maybe some girls) a reason to watch a rather mundane sport.

 5.) Amanda Beard

She’s a great swimmer and seven-time medalist and all….but….Playboy photo shoot. Nuff said!

 4.) Kristi Leskinen

One of the best freestyle skiers in the world, Kristi’s hotness became apparent after appearing in FHM magazine. Another amazingly talented and beautiful girl. Where can I find one?

 3.) Stacy Keibler

Stacy rose to fame wearing bikinis and cracking skulls as a part of WWE Wrestling. She has since branched out to other areas, but she holds a special place in my heart reminding me of when wrestling was still kinda cool. She looks so cute and sweet, but you’ll catch a hurricanrana if you make her mad.

 2.) Malia Jones

Wow! I am becoming increasingly infatuated with slamming hot girls that excel in extreme sports. Malia takes the cake in this one being not only a top surfer on the planet, but unbelievably gorgeous. I wonder if people are more in awe of her surfing skills or her hotness.

 1.) Anna Kournikova

Who else? Now retired from tennis, Anna recently signed on to be a guest trainer on “The Biggest Loser.” Kournikova stole the hearts of every man across the country during her reign at the top. Now that she is out of the limelight doesn’t matter, she’s still #1 and the reasons are obvious. That Anna Kournikova is one piece of aceeee, I know from experience dude, if ya know what I mean!…No no no I don”t.



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