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Wife of Cromartie expecting again, this time with twins 84

Jets CB Antonio Cromartie is known for his play on the field, as well as his play off the field. Cro’ has ten kids, from eight women, in six states..and counting.

His wife Terrika Cason revealed today that she was expecting, this time with twins, as she tweeted a picture, and said that twins run in the family. This is coming after Cromartie had to shoot down the “First and Ten” series that wanted to focus on him and his ten previous kids. Cromartie will now have enough kids to supply a starting lineup in the NFL, and being just 28, who knows when he’ll stop.

Cromartie re-signed with the Jets on a four-year deal last offseason, and said back then that if he were to hit the market again, he’d want to play somewhere that he can be closer to his family. That pretty much gives him free-will to play for any of the 32 teams nationwide if he ever hits the market again!


Two more makes twelve for Jets CB Antonio Cromartie


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