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Usain Bolt to Manchester United?

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Usain Bolt lobbying for an audition with Manchester United?
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Usain Bolt is mostly-known as being the fastest man on the planet, recently breezing to yet another gold in the Men’s 100M, but Bolt may have his eye on another passion: soccer. Bolt told a British newspaper that he would love a tryout for Manchester United: “People think I am joking, but if (Manchester United coach) Alex Ferguson called me up and said, ‘OK let’s do this, come and have a trial,’ it would be impossible for me to say no.”

It would certainly be interesting to see Bolt use his speed in another sport, and see if he can use his god-given talent toward a larger purpose. Obviously, soccer is more than just running up and down, but Bolt said he would bring more than merely speed to the table: “I would be the fastest player in the team — but I can play as well.”

A Manchester United spokesperson didn’t exactly rule out the possibility of Bolt and the famous English soccer team joining forces either, saying “As the fastest man on Earth, he would undoubtedly add speed to the team.”

If nothing else, we all know that Bolt has the speed, and the type of flare it takes to be a professional soccer player. He even has his own goal celebration ready to go already.


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