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Victor Cruz disrespected by Carlos Rodgers, ready to dance circles around him

  • Jason Whitney

We know someone is going to be doing the salsa dance. The question is, will it be Victor Cruz or Carlos Rodgers?

Victor Cruz and Carlos Rodgers have quite the rivalry brewing. Last season during the 49ers 27-20 win over the New York Giants, Rodgers picked off Eli Manning twice and decided to mimic the salsa dance touchdown celebration Cruz does in honor of his grandmother. This obviously irked Cruz, and in the playoff game rematch destroyed Carlos Rodgers for 10 receptions for 142 yards. Rodgers could not keep up with Cruz and in audio captured on NFL Network’s “Sound FX,” Rogers could be heard complaining about needing help.

“I can’t cover the option route all day. If I go inside then he runs outside.’’

And don’t think for one second Cruz didn’t hear the audio.

“I assume [the audio] it was in the first half because that was when the rain of catches started,’’ Cruz said.

Cruz still doesn’t care that he got the best of Rodgers on the Giants way to the Super Bowl. He still wants Carlos Rodgers defending him this Sunday.

“Hopefully I expect the same thing I got last year, a lot of Carlos Rogers on me, and hopefully I can do some of the same things I did last year,’’ Cruz said yesterday on a conference call with the Bay Area media.

Carlos Rodgers had originally hoped to mock the dance once again if he were to make a play on Victor Cruz. However, once he heard Cruz does the celebration in honor of his grandmother he is thinking otherwise.



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