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Video: Kentucky switches free throw shooter without refs noticing

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The poor start to Kentucky’s season continued on Saturday as the Wildcats fell to Louisville 80-77. With the loss, the Wildcats fell to 8-4. During the game, Kentucky successfully pulled  something off I thought I would never see in a college basketball game. The Wildcats pulled the free throw switcheroo, right in front of the referees.

With 1:05 left in the first half, the referees called a foul on Louisville’s Russ Smith for hooking the arm of Nerlens Noel on an attempted steal. Noel then headed to the free throw line before slowly walking off and allowing Poythress to take the shots. It appears as though Kentucky was hoping to add two extra points by allowing the better free throw shooter of Poythress take the shots.

Coming into the game, Noel was shooting 53.3 percent at the foul line while Poythress was shooting 68.1 percent. Poythress made his first free throw and missed his second. In the end, none of this mattered because Louisville pulled out and beat Kentucky by three.

Some are suggesting that Poythress thought he drew a blocking foul on Montrezl Harrell and that is why he took the free throw shots. However, in the video you can clearly see the referee point at Smith after he hooks Noel’s arm.

Kentucky issued a statement saying that the team did not try to intentionally trick the referees. The statement also claims that the official scorer notified the team that number 22, Poythress, was the free throw shooter.

Kentucky is claiming this was just a big mix up.

Check out the video below and decide for yourself:

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