Video: Miami takes revenge on Lance Stephenson

The Heat-Pacers series is getting very chippy. Udonis Haslem fouled Tyler Hansbrough excessively hard early in the game. Hansbrough had previously fouled Dwyane Wade, but at least made an attempt at the ball. Hansbrough was charged with a flagrant 1 foul.

Later in the game, in garbage time, Lance Stephenson entered the Heat players clearly place a bulls-eye on him. Dexter Pittman gave Stephenson a huge elbow towards the neck area. You’ll notice at the end of the video Pittman giving someone a wink. Suspension worthy? You decide:



  • jake

    He better be suspended and into next year…. Absolutely an intentional foul. Pittman you are a disgrace to the heat organization as well as to the game. Cheap foul, nice sucker punch, Pittman you are worthless.


    it is not about who gives the best elbow in NBA.However,It is people we are talking about.Both teams need to play the game fairly without bringing injuries to the others.NBA is not either wrestling or boxing.It is a game of passion and emotion.And we need to control our emotion all the time.

  • Edmund

    Maybe he should put as much effort towards working on his basketball skill as he did on close lining Stephenson.If he does he might be an All Star one day. Not

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