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(Video) Shawn Marion posterized at Chi-League Pro Am

  • Andy Flint

Shawn Marion showed up to ball at the Chi-League Pro Am. It’s always nice to see big NBA names at these Pro Am games. Even if they’re getting yacked on by unknown swingmen. We have the video here of Marion being disrespected by UW-Green Bay forward Alphonso McKinnie.

Ouch! Marion paced back down court laughing it off. Afterall, when you’ve spent 14 seasons in the NBA, you kind of grow a thick skin to things like getting your shot sent into the bleachers, or having a young guy with hops throw it down on you. Marion tried to play some help defense on the driving McKinnie, only to be met with a thunderous yack.

Ohwell, it happens. I’m sure Shawn won’t be losing any sleep over the dunk.

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