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Vinny Del Negro and Chris Paul make subtle comments about each other

  • Jason Whitney

Chris Paul and Vinny Del Negro just weren’t meant to be

Despite leading the Los Angeles Clippers to 56 regular season wins and a fourth seed in the Western Conference, former coach Vinny Del Negro took relentless criticism. Media members took their shots at him while he seemingly lost control of the team several times during his three-year run as Clippers coach.

During an interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Del Negro hinted at Chris Paul being the reason for his departure after enjoying one of the best two-year stretches in Clippers’ history.

“Well, Chris is a free agent,” Del Negro said. “They were compelled to make a decision. He’s entitled to his opinion. He’s a free agent and he’s going to have a lot of say on a lot of things as he did in the previous summer when we put the team together.”

Only Vinny knows if he was trying to insinuate Chris Paul was the reason for his departure. But, I think we all can read in between the lines here and see that Del Negro like the rest of us, know what really took place here. Chris Paul isn’t coming back to play under Vinny Del Negro and the Clippers brass knows this.

Meanwhile, Peter Vecsey tweeted out that Chris Paul at some point during the playoffs took a dig at former coach Vinny Del Negro.


The Clippers seem like a team that is filled with diva and immature players. Seems like players such as Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and Dwight Howard have taken heavy criticism over the years, when is it Chris Paul’s turn?

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