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WATCH: Brandon Jennings game-winner vs. Cavaliers 0

Well, it looks like Brandon Jennings’ auditions are off to a great start. For you that were wondering, 0.7 seconds is indeed enough time to launch a game winning 30-footer. How? I have no clue, but that’s exactly what happened when Jennings nailed this game-winner tonight at the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Following a Kyrie Iriving lay-up to tie the contest at 102 with 0.7 seconds left, the Bucks in-bounded the ball with most of us assuming the game was heading for overtime. Brandon Jennings had something else in mind, as he drained this amazing three to give the Bucks the win, 105-102, over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Here’s the video:

Jennings filled up the stat-sheet tonight, ending the game with 13 points, a career-high 13 assists, 4 boards, a couple of steals, and even threw a block in for good measure. However, his last three points were definitely what mattered the most.


I don’t know how good the Bucks are going to be this year. To be honest, I don’t see how much different the Brandon Jennings/Monta Ellis combination is then the Stephen Curry/Monta Ellis combination, as Andy Flint and I discussed on our NBA podcast, King’s Court. Either way, this may be the best shot of the early NBA season, and it’s going to take something seriously amazing to beat it.


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