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Video: Adrian Peterson breaks a 61-yard run 56

Adrian Peterson has to be considered for the NFL comeback player of the year. Sure, Peyton Manning has been playing nicely too, but Peterson is headed towards 2,000 rushing yards. Some might argue that Peterson is the league’s MVP as he has led his team to a 6-4 start. After a slow start to the game, Peterson did what he does best, break a long run for a touchdown. Last week, Peterson started the game with an 80 yard rush that ended in a touchdown. This week, he broke this 61-yard run for a touchdown during the 4th quarter.

Peterson breaks it outside and once he is in the open field, there is no catching him.

If Peterson keeps playing how he has been this season, he will grab the comeback player of the year, MVP and could be taking his team to the playoffs. Simply give Peterson the ball and watch what he does with it.

Check out the touchdown run below:


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