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Being a cop is a hard job nowadays with seemingly everyone out to get you. Without getting too much into the political/social side of who’s right or wrong in regards to the rash of police incidents that seemingly continue to happen, another NBA player by the name of Lou Williams of the Los Angeles Lakers was wrongfully cuffed by police.

The footage hasn’t been released until now — thanks to the diligent folks over at TMZ. You’ll see in the video that Williams is cuffed and up against a police car and later on he’s pleading his case that he didn’t do anything wrong. Whatever took place, Williams was obviously right because although he was cuffed no arrest charges were filed.

Yeah, I think I’d be pretty pissed off too if I was being wrongfully cuffed and slammed upside a police car. But apparently, the Las Vegas cops, thought Williams was in an altercation with a “large man” in which the police rushed to break up.



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