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WATCH: Anthony Davis’ MONSTER put-back slam 0

Can you say most improved player? Here, say it with me.. Most Improved Player. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. Go ahead an enjoy this video of THE BROW cleaning up the offensive glass and throwing it down hard.

This play comes with about 50 seconds to go in the game on Monday night in New Orleans. Tyreke Evans puts a good move on Harrison Barnes to get to the rim. However, his off-balanced shot is a little too strong and he misses, but Anthony Davis does a great job of reacting to the miss and cleaning up the offensive glass, and finishing with a dynamic put-back dunk. The jam by Davis closed the gap for the Pelicans, making it a 101-102 game in favor of the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors would hold on to win by that same score, as they were fueled by 22 points and eight assists from Klay Thompson. All five Warriors’ starters broke double-digits on the night, as they escaped The Big Easy with a win. Anthony Davis notched 14 points, 11 rebounds and two blocks in the loss.

Anthony Davis is quickly becoming a premier power forward in the NBA, and with hustle plays like this, there’s no reason to believe that Davis couldn’t evolve into the league’s best power forward one day.



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