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WATCH: Brandon Jennings goes all Hot Sauce, Caron Buttler is mad 0

Brandon Jennings had something to prove on Monday night, as his Detroit Pistons hosted Jennings’ former team, the Milwaukee Bucks.

Jennings played his first four seasons in Milwaukee, and experienced some highs and lows as a member of the Bucks. The constant roster clash eventually led to Jennings wanting out, and a trade with the Pistons that netted the Bucks Brandon Knight, and freedom from a fractured relationship with their disgruntled point guard (Jennings).

The Pistons handled the Bucks 113-94, and Jennings had a great game, posting 15 points, 13 assists and two steals in the win. Jennings even decided to show his happiness by auditioning for the And-1 Mixtape tour, as the clock ran out. A move that Bucks’ forward, Caron Butler, took exception to.

Jennings channeled his inner Hot Sauce as he advanced the ball past halfcourt, and waited for the remaining 15 seconds to wind down. It’s at about the five second mark when Caron Butler starts walking towards Jennings with purpose.

At first glance, I truly thought Caron was going to drill Jennings when he got over to him. Caron Butler, and NBA vet, looked less than pleased at the way Jennings was seemingly mocking his former team. Butler avoided doing anything stupid, but did make his presence known as time ran out, and even mean-mugged Jennings as the teams left the court.


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