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WATCH: Gerald Henderson’s failed dunk attempt 0

Photo Credit: Chuck Burton/AP

The Charlotte Bobcats have been one of the league’s positive surprises this year, as they sit comfortably to make a playoff appearance after being a laughing stock throughout the league last year. Starting shooting guard Gerald Henderson provides a scoring punch that the offensively challenged Bobcats definitely need. What he does not provide, apparently, is the ability to dunk a basketball.

During the second quarter of the Bobcats contest vs. the Atlanta Hawks, who are desperately holding out to the last playoff spot in the East, Henderson went up to attempt a dunk that would put his team up nine points. The result? Not so good for Henderson’s confidence, but the rim was feeling pretty good.

Henderson would finish the game with 16 points, as his Bobcats fell to the Hawks 97-83. Stick to those jumpers, Gerald. They look much better.

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder

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