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Who would have thought that Kansas City Royals, a small market team in the central part of the United States, would be the modern day BAD BOYS of Major League Baseball. All behind a 23-year-old, 5’11, 180lb pitcher name Yordano Ventura whose resemblance of a Pedro Martinez with a rocket arm and also seems to have his nasty temper as well as he put himself center of attention Thursday night at US. Cellular Field in Chicago he struck White Sox slugger Jose Abreu in the left elbow in the fourth inning.  Chris Sale retaliated an inning later by hitting Mike Moustakas which led to both teams being warned.

It continued in the seventh inning as Adam Eaton hit a comebacker to Ventura; read his lips that started the brawl!

Yes! Some drama in baseball! Of course that was just the start of it.  Both Ventura and Eaton were pulled back by respective team but it didn’t stop each side meeting out on the field.  Take a look at what happens next.

This bad blood goes all the way back to the first series at the beginning of the season when there were six batters hit in Kansas City. The White Sox Chris Sale and Jeff Samardzija were ejected and the Royals lost Ventura, Lorenzo Cain and Edinson Volquez.  The game was tied 2-2 when the brawl began and ended up going 13 innings before the Royals won 3-2.  Since the season has begun Kansas City has lost 9 players to ejections, Ventura has been ejected in back-to-back starts!

– LeRoy McConnell III

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