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Watch: Texans DE Antonio Smith swings helmet at Richie Incognito 71

Man, this is some brutal stuff, and totally uncalled for.

During the Texans and Dolphins preseason game there was a bit of hostile playing by Texans DE Antonio Smith when he was going up against ‘Fins O-Lineman Richie Incognito. After a bit of back and forth during the play, Incognito puts his hands up high and gets a piece of Smith’s facemask – and then Smith overreacts and takes it wayyy too far, ripping Incognito’s helmet from his head and taking a swing at Incognito’s head.

It seems like the helmet just misses it’s intended target, which is a good thing, because it could have been brutal. It’s totally unnecessary in the game and Smith should get disciplined by the league.

These two have had problems with each other for quite some time, last season, Smith was fined $21k by the NFL for kicking Incognito while he was on the ground.

Check out the GIF below, courtesy of BattleRedBlog:

The altercation takes place on the upper part of the image.


You can also check out the video released by FoxFootballDaily, here.

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UPDATE: Antonio Smith HAS been suspended by the NFL for his actions and will miss the rest of Houston’s preseason games and their season opener


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