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WATCH: Tony Parker whiffs free throw? 0

Tony Parker has established himself as one of the premier point guards we have been blessed to watch in the NBA. Parker possesses the ability to get anywhere on the floor, and proved his clutch characteristics last year in the NBA Finals. Naturally, when Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls picked up a technical foul in a 51-51 tie game in the third quarter against Parker’s San Antonio Spurs, Parker stepped up to the line to take the free throw.

What happened after is both weird, and hilarious. From the looks of it, Parker takes a half-hearted free throw attempt that never has a chance of hitting the rim. For one reason or another, the referee decides to give him a second attempt, figuring the first was so bad, there is no way it could have been a legitimate attempt. As you might imagine, Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau wasn’t very pleased.

Here’s the video:

That was an attempt even Dwight Howard would be embarrassed by. But, Parker has rings, and he’s probably hit on your wife when you weren’t around, so what does he care?

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder

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