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WATCH: Yordano Ventura exacts revenge on Brett Lawrie; benches clear 86

A day after Oakland Athletics third baseman Brett Lawrie injured Kansas City Royals SS Alcides Escobar knee on a late slide breaking up a double play; tempers flared when Lawrie was hit by a pitch.  You could see it coming after Josh Reddick smashed a home run off Kansas City Royals starter Yordano Ventura giving the A’s a 5-run lead in the 4th inning.  With nothing to lose and surely frustrated, Ventura drilled Lawrie in the hip with a fastball, check it out (via

Home plate umpire Jim Joyce immediately tossed the obviously fired up Ventura.  Lawrie seemed to know it was part of the game and walked to first even with Royals trying to bait him a bit.  The benches got much more spun up.  Remember, these two teams played an emotional and crazy one-game Wild Card last year won in miraculous fashion by the Royals.  Which put them into position to march to the American League Pennant.  A big rivalry to watch going forward (although they’ll only meet a couple times a year).

– David Whitlock

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