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Want to win money during this year’s NFL season?

  • Jason Whitney

Late July usually means warm weather, picnics, baseball, swimming and, of course, the start of NFL training camps! Even though we are five-to-six weeks away from the start of the NFL season, now is the time to start thinking about which football teams to bet on. And, a great place to get some good tips on who to take for this year’s NFL season, is

Bet364 doesn’t just provide predictions for the NFL, but pretty much any sport out there. What’s great about the site is that nearly every day (hence the 364) there is free picks that are offered to you, the sports bettor. So, although the Super Bowl is several months away, the opportunity to win money on a week-to-week basis, is right in front of you.

While the NFL season is always filled with surprises, don’t risk losing money if you’re unsure about matchups and certain teams. Let the experts at Bet364 help you out. While this site is a free pick network, it goes hand in hand with the website called Bet365 where you can actually lay down some cash on games. But before you jump on Bet365 to place your bets, make sure you take the advice of the fellas over at Bet 364 and see what free picks they are posting.

So what are you waiting for? Get a head start on the NFL season by checking what bets are being predicted right now. Whether it’s soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball, NFL or MMA, you can get a leg up on the competition by checking out Bet364 right now. Tell them Sports-Kings sent you there!


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