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Warren Sapp rips Steelers defense…again.

  • Jim Racalto

(Credit: USA Today)

In what is becoming a pattern, NFL Network analyst and former NFL great Warren Sapp has once again taken it upon himself to bash the Pittsburgh Steelers vaunted defense. Before the 2011 season, Sapp called the Steelers defense “old and slow.” They went out and finished best in league. To drive the point home, the “old and slow” defense finished number one again in 2012. These facts don’t seem to sway Sapp’s opinion.

Via, when asked if he once again considered the Steelers defense old and slow:

Old and slow? Yes, I would,” Sapp said. “Because seven of the 11 starters are 28 years or older, and that’s around the time, in this league, they go to questioning, you know, ‘Where’s his legs? Should we look for the backup?’

“And Brett Keisel, bless his soul, No. 99 in your program, No. 1 in your heart, he turns 35 the first month of the year. And three of the four secondary guys there are 32 years old or older.”

Well, Sapp has a point, I guess. But if I were him, I wouldn’t once again criticize a defense that has proved me wrong twice. As long as Dick LeBeau is coaching the Pittsburgh defense, it won’t matter who’s on the field. They will be good. Apparently Warren Sapp didn’t get that memo, see the Steelers draft, or see the Steelers depth chart. But that’s neither here nor there. When the season starts we will see Warren Sapp vs. Steelers defense, part three.

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