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Washington coach Jay Gruden disses DeSean Jackson

  • Jason Whitney

DeSean Jackson and the Washington Redskins will be making a trip to Philadelphia, in a critical early season game against the Eagles. Besides a share of first place being on the line, Jackson wants to make the Eagles pay for releasing him. However, a sprained left shoulder may end up keeping Jackson out, regardless of what the outspoken receiver says.

This is because coach Jay Gruden has made it known that if Jackson isn’t 100 percent, he’s essentially useless to the team. In addition to Gruden’s remarks about Jackson’s health, he also told ESPN 980 that DeSean is a “terrible blocker.”

“He did a little bit today,” Gruden said. “I think he’s gonna be a game-day type deal. He wants to go really bad — obviously he’s going back to Philly. But if he’s not 100 percent — if he’s 60-70 percent — he’s really not that good to us.”

“I know, but he’s already 160 pounds,” Gruden said. “He’s already a very terrible blocker. We’ll see. I think he wants to play. He’s a tough guy. He is allowed to wear shoulder pads, so he might be all right.”

It seems highly unlikely that Jackson would miss this game, regardless of his health status. Back in late July, Jackson took a shot at the Philadelphia saying that Washington has a better fan base. Jackson is use to hearing the booing and criticism that the Philadelphia fan base is known for, but Sunday might be a new level of booing – even for Philly fans.

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