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Washington St. QB Connor Halliday blasts Auburn QB’s after loss

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Washington St. quarterback Connor Halliday shows us that there still is such a thing as being a sore loser. Following his teams 31-24 loss at the hands of the Auburn Tigers, Halliday decided that the Tigers had the potential to be a top five team… if their quarterbacks didn’t suck.

Here is what Halliday told the Spokesman Review:

“They ran the ball real, real, real well,” Halliday said. “If they could find a quarterback, they’d be a top-five team in the nation. They just don’t have a guy who can throw it. That running game was something very, very impressive.”

In Halliday’s defense, Tigers starting quarterback Nick Marshall didn’t impress in the victory, going 10-19 with 99 yards, and not throwing a touchdown.

However, Marshall did not throw an interception either, something Halliday can’t claim, throwing three interceptions in the game, and arguably being the primary reason for his teams defeat. While Halliday’s point may be valid to a degree, saying it after not only losing, but throwing three interceptions yourself isn’t exactly sportsmanlike.

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder

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